artist statement

1.1    Nude is not the theme.

1.2    Line is only an illusion.

1.3    Painting is not Q&A.

1.3.1 Every gesture as a note;

1.3.2 Every painting as an impromptu.


2.1    Not what, but how

2.2    Every dance has its rhythm

2.2.1 A calligraphic brushstroke is a cell.

2.2.2 Life drawing is a template.

2.2.3 Using two Hands is an approach:

2.3    The experienced left works with the beginner's right

2.3.1 They provide the balance

2.3.2 It works like breathing, walking or weaving ...

2.4    The practice is not focusing on technique, but the unbrokenness

2.4.1 The essence is solitary continuity


3.1    Live purely, be quiet. Do your work with mastery

3.2    Painting is a lifelong purification process to get rid of the extra.

3.3    In this journey, We have to travel light to the unknown frontier

3.4    What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence


Ban Wei 2016